We have built our leadership and influence on our customers’ confidence. Over time we have responded to their challenges, enhanced their projects, created growth opportunities, with full transparency. Together, we can work towards simplifying and improving the everyday life of families: from electrical appliances to Outdoor gear, in 2021 we have gained even more Lifestyle business sectors to democratise a better life.


Why is CMP a UNIQUE business?

Specialist of premium, trendy products, with prices that are accessible to everyone.

Importateur multispécialiste, offering very varied product ranges and noticing the Bestseller at the optimum moment.

Addresses all market segments, from the retail concept-store to mass market, selective sales points, department stores, superstores, discount…

Brings a tailor-made approach to customers: a selection from 7 000 products in its current ranges, creation of exclusive collections for the distributor, personalized sourcing and supply chain directly from Asia, with sales service delegated 100% to CMP.

With an unparalleled knowledge, remarkable agility capable of adapting to requests and to lively teams, challenged to guarantee the best performance to the customer.


every 5 years
100 million
products sold per year
10% of T/O
invested in innovation


CMP Group

a French brand known throughout the world for soft toys
a multi-specialist importer since 1957
A French leader in the 70 concept store, specializing in gift ideas

business subsidiaries

Our key dates

Year founded
Nadine & Yves Tirman take over the business
Development of GRAND IMPORT activity
Creation of CMP Group and Doudou & Cie
Setting up of quality control office in China

Purchase of La Chaise Longue

650 talented individuals participating in our success


3 international business subsidiaries

We have 3 operational and commercial subsidiaries. Local specialists, our units are located in strategic places to secure our business activities and guarantee full visibility on your project operations from source to end-user. Each subsidiary has its own Lifestyle showroom showcasing our brands and product ranges in situ and on shelves.
Hong Kong


Our management supports our constant striving for creativity, reactivity and competitiveness. For this reason, our method of collaborating with entrepreneurs relies mainly on quick decision-making and a participatory management style in all departments and hierarchical levels from the CEO to the intern. To guarantee stability in our business and dynamism in our actions, we also have two major organisational groups which are centred on our historic President, Yves Tirman.

Our commitments

Increase our positive impact and do good around us ... Even on the other side of the world.


Whether it concerns male/female equality, peer group or social class, we defend the equality of opportunity and promote the spirit of engagement as an essential element of success. CMP is essentially men and women working together and committed everyday to help families to live well.

  • Average length of employment – 5 years
  • +80 % of Executive Board from internal promotion
  • 50% of COMEX members aged under 45
  • Workforce comprises 60% women

Living well

For over 60 years CMP has been committed to defending purchasing power, by allowing access to the biggest number of people to clever designer products to use all over the house, while still being environmentally-friendly and high-quality, while maintaining the best price point.

Since 2017 CMP has been a member of AMFORI and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). In this way we would like to participate more actively and commit to a sustainable approach, as a manufacturer-importer, to improve working conditions in the global supply chain.


CMP takes on the challenge of ecological transition by integrating the notion of responsible purchasing, eco design and management of waste in a continued drive for improvement. In 2021 we launched our “Eco-concept” collection, an integral part of our environmentally-friendly ranges. In the medium term we aim to eliminate plastic in all our packaging.

Since 2017 our outdated computer equipment has been recycled and/or updated by the IBB company which combines an environmentally-friendly approach to connected and sustainable employment for disabled workers.

We have an increased level of vigilance in corporate social responsibility. Also, we have created our own charter and regular audits (social and environmental) in order to check:

  • Our respect for international conventions on labour rights published by the International Labour Organization
  • Our respect for the regulatory obligations concerning accessibility and the rights of disabled people
  • Our respect for regulatory obligations concerning refuse materials
  • Our struggle against waste