Optimism and the vision of a better, more colourful horizon…

French-style boldness

For more than 60 years, we dare to offer quality designer products at a price that is accessible to everyone… really everyone!

We often surprise the market. We always push conventions aside. We disrupt the process as we are sure that we can always meet customer satisfaction better, differently and without compromise.
every 5 years
10 CMP creations

sold every second in the world

More than

of French households
own a CMP creation

Our products
are regularly in the

sales Top 10
of our customers
No. 1 French Lifestyle Manufacturer
We are a popular creator and a distributor of cult products for every family. We are surrounded by the best sources, we optimise 100% of products and we boost trends to make family life easier. A best seller manufacturer, always on the lookout for trends and constantly listening to the wants and needs of families, we are known for being “one step ahead” …

100 million

products sold per year

100% trends

taken up in the Media and Lifestyle social networks

7 000 individual items

across 10 Lifestyle categories

3 to 4 themes

per season

A good product can be life-changing!

CMP products in every family home: our success and our goal!

We can improve family life, across all generations. Our aim is to make everyday life easier, to strengthen time with friends, and to make family time simpler and more meaningful.

And, to help families to look on the bright side, we show some common sense: explore all the possibilities and only retain the best mix of creativity, utility and practicality, all with the best price.

CMP product user mothers gain on average 22 minutes of free time per day
Hundreds of thousands of children have learned to swim, to count or to walk … with a CMP creation
2 out of 3 families optimise their “house” and “gift” budgets … with a CMP creation
Updating your home decor with style and on average for less than 100€, is possible with CMP