“We are constantly monitoring to anticipate market demand”
Director of Purchasing CMP

Nos marques, nos produits

Iconic products

It is not just chance that has made us a leader in successful products. Our success is due to our determination to change families’ lives: “A good product can be life-changing!”.

So, we relentlessly explore, push the limits and defy accepted ideas in order that our creations can be the best, through their usefulness, quality and design without costing the earth.

To do this, we do not stop rethinking, optimising, innovating functionality, style and even the packaging: creating best sellers is an art!
A good product can be life-changing!

Environmentally-friendly products that are accessible to everyone!

We are intent on participating in an environmentally-friendly transition that our society needs, and we have therefore already included eco-design in nearly 20% of our range.

Our wish? To let everyone have access to products that contribute to the happiness of future generations, while still maintaining their purchasing power.

Eco Concept Planet and Eco Concept Cosmétique are our two ranges that are environmentally-friendly (including packaging!). They have ready-made eco-responsible merchandising plans, a made-to-measure design to fit your needs, to easily set up in your shops.

  • 50% of our brands possess a range of  products with a sustainable promise
  • 1 million reusable travel bottles sold
  • Plans for merchandising that are tailor-made for your  eco-designed ranges
  • 50% of our product offering is distributed in zero plastic packaging

A few of our beautiful ideas

Our range of rPET shopping products (a material made from recycles plastic bottles).
Our products to help families insulate their homes and avoid energy wastage.

CMP has just passed the FSC audit and can now develop your certified wood range.

Our ranges helping consumers maintain their products instead of disposing of them.

We have set up an after-sales service which allows repairs for some of our products. For example we send our screws, sofa or chair feet etc. to allow customers to repair their products instead of throwing them away.

We encourage know-how and artisan craftsmanship from the world over

Certain countries with whom we work are renowned for the quality of their local manufacturing: we have several hand made products such as mouth-blown glass or woven baskets.

Our product categories and brands


Brighten up your interior


  • Candles and scents
  • Wall decoration
  • Decorative objects
  • Lamp
  • Home textile


Feeling great at home


  • Furniture
  • Seat
  • Table and desks
  • Outdoor furniture


For the young at heart


  • Entertainment
  • Gift ideas
  • Gadgets
  • Parties
  • Events


Cook like a chef


  • Utensils
  • Cooking
  • Pastry
  • Take Away

The artful table

Being the perfect host

The artful table

  • Tableware
  • Napkins
  • Drinks and aperitifs
  • Disposable and reusable

Cleaning and Storage

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning and Storage

  • Household
  • Laundry
  • Storage
  • Bazaar
  • Hardware

Fashion & Beauty

Relax year-round

Fashion & Beauty

  • Beauty accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Health and care


Cherish the little ones


  • Games and toys
  • Childcare
  • Children's cosmetics
  • Mother-to-be
  • Children's room

Leisure & Travel

Getting Away from it all

Leisure & Travel

  • Stationery
  • Creative hobbies
  • High Tech
  • Sport
  • Shopping
  • Luggage
  • Travel accessories
  • Outdoor accessories
We control all of the rules and procedures in manufacturing, imports and sales in the 9 product categories of our LIFESTYLE products. It is a great advantage for all of our clients who order large volumes to manage them risk-free. In fact, international geopolitical, economic, commercial and regulatory contexts are particularly unstable and easily ruin a business.

We assume all the risks so that your product offering is marketable, qualitative and competitive, whatever the destination, target market or product category.
60 employees
in China
A French
A selection of
supplier partners
Each creation
by CMP


Made In China: responsibility throughout the supply chain

Our main Chinese subsidiary is located in Ningbo: the busiest port in the world. This strategic position is a real business advantage for us and our clients so as to improve products risk-free and with a Made in CMP creativity; from sourcing to production monitoring; from the quality of purchasing, we have integrated 100% the knowledge of the local value chain. Whichever solution you choose, we will be with you over the whole process.
Quality controls
CMP has developed a set of simple and effective procedures in order to meet the legal obligations in terms of conformity, and to guarantee a high-performing organisation and quality.

+ 5,000 certified lab tests every year

A team of certified CMP inspectors in China (before boarding)

Quality controls in all factories before shipment

Integrated Quality department in France and China, comprising specialist engineers for each type of product

Collaboration with independent, recognized and notified laboratories