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We’re the number one producer of lifestyle products in France. We are the leading Lifestyle manufacturer and our strength of commitment is unique in the marketplace. We are your ally over your entire project whatever its scope and complexity.
From purchasing to merchandising – not forgetting intellectual property – we will set up your made-to-measure Task Force guaranteeing a risk-free success.


We cover the entire distribution channels

Large Food retailer
Large specialist retailer
Large DIY retailer


Concept store



hard discount

Soft Discount

Flawless leadership
Our good financial capacity and our strategic international networks guarantee us independence and a strong resistance to risks. This point is more important than ever when you are looking at very large volumes of manufacturing. This is why we control our entire value chain internally.
150 experts
dedicated to purchasing
A historical
in strategic points
in China
650 collaborators
across the whole
value chain

Creativity, proximity & reactivity

Our clients capitalise on our historic expertise. We follow all distribution circuits from superstores to e-commerce, we serve all the greatest purchasing centres. Creativity, proximity and reactivity are our agile organisation’s strengths.
A reputation upheld

Growth of 20% per year in our client portfolio

Average length customers have been with us - 15 years

Operator recognized bu Customs authorities - OEA

More than 80 % repeat customers

A made-to-measure experience

From our 5 Lifestyle showrooms to personalised buying trips, we have set up all the services needed to guarantee optimal project management between 3 and 6 months. From a generic product to an exclusive creation, we secure your product offering from start to finish: making contact in a few hours; a dedicated team; made-to-measure transit routes… We personalise your experience in order to construct a product offering together that is both high-quality and competitive.

Design and creation of
products à la carte
More than 500
ready to go operations
per year (OEM / ODM)
Assistance tool
for arranging shelf space
Photo and video
24/7 online

5 000 m2 of SHOWROOMS

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Conciergerie CMP

Services are drivers of competitiveness Also as a CMP client, you can take advantage of exclusive tools to boost your business in complete confidentiality in a premium Lifestyle atmosphere.

VIP vehicles

Private lounges
Gastro Bistro “le 57”

Paris Tour

VIP vehicles

No worries on logistics! Our chauffeur and shuttles can bring you to us, and drop you off at transit hubs or in Paris. We can also help you to book your tickets. On arrival, a good coffee and a few treats await…

Private lounges

Do not hesitate to use our meeting rooms: here, we invent next season’s collections, optimise performance, or plan tomorrow’s business together…

Gastro Bistro "le 57"

Welcome to Bistro 57 , our friendly family table: every day our chef prepares dishes which are fresh, amazing main courses and beautiful desserts… Bon appétit!

Paris Tour

Coming to CMP, it’s great for work but also it’s for taking a moment to explore Paris…

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