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We are a historic part of the marketplace, still growing. Our Group is known internationally but has kept a reasonable size with 650 collaborators united in their determination to always do better. The key to joining us: dare to get started! We will have faith in you.

We are a multi-specialist Lifestyle leader which integrates a great diversity of talents. We have more than 100 different jobs: from buyer to legal expert; from marketing to designer; from fork lift operator to sales staff, etc. we offer positions for the future. We offer multiple opportunities to consider a rich, well-rounded career taking advantage of a made to measure internal pathway. And we are proud to be a company which develops talents!

“At CMP we like to give everyone a chance, and entrust them with maximum autonomy and responsibility. Young talented team members evolve to become our best leaders.”

Valérie MAURER
Human Resources Director
CMP Group

CMP spirit

We cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. And we encourage this spirit thanks to passion, leadership, collective and diversity of profiles.

Passion is the engine driving our determination to change family life. At CMP we cultivate talents, positive energy, curiosity and the taste for challenges around stimulating projects. So, above all, we look for real personalities who are “highly motivated” and who will be proud of having an impact on families’ lives and of adding some meaning to their career.
Our collaborators are all leaders: responsible for their own results AND for everyone’s success – they commit to being a driver for sustainable performance. This is why our HR policy is to strongly encourage internal promotion through a career management programme; mainstreaming for short, collaborative decision-making; training to accompany pathways to management.


Coming from all backgrounds, our collaborators reflect the needs and wants of all families. Driven by their ambition and belonging, they contribute to Better Living for all families. From all social classes, and from every ethnic and religious background, they embody our driving force with humanity, responsibility and goodwill.


Our multi-cultural and intergenerational teams have the sense of a collective self and work together hand in hand to meet our clients’ needs, overcome challenges and dare to attempt the impossible. Together, they create childhood memories, the great life moments of parents, and the links of friendship which are built around CMP creations: you should always look on the bright side… and a good product can be life-changing!


Trending Designer

Working at CMP means challenging yourself and continuing to evolve!
I love being at the first stages of collection development.


Responsible for Customs project
What I like at CMP: the young, dynamic teams, the start-up ambiance and getting to participate in innovative, passionate projects.


Team leader

At CMP there’s no boredom or monotony. Its a business that’s constantly evolving, and this is only the beginning!


Sales executive

Joining CMP, it’s being part of a company in the middle of developing which offers stimulating challenges. Here, there’s no such thing as routine!
You grow as you work on projects, you are learning every day and from everyone else as we all bring our own contribution. There are no limits at CMP, no one stops you doing anything.