Our know-how

Manufacturing a good product is a real craft! This know-how evolves over time and always demands more competence and expertise. For this reason, we have made the strategic choice to control 100% of our multi-specialist value chain internally. We source, design, produce, follow and deliver products to all type of customers from hard discount to high-end boutique.
Lead Project
Lead Project
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Identification of the best service providers, factories and products #RightPrice #HighVolume #StandardsMonitoring
Definition of the best mix of creativity, utility and practicality in products
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Made In China large volume manufacturing conforming to legislation
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Conforming to the highest safety and quality standard #IntellectualProperty #Certifications #ExpertStandardisation
Capacity for XXL international logistics
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Tailor-made multi-channel delivery
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Production and availability of sales tools
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Purchasing Performance

We only work with the best partners: specialists who are well-known and highly regarded for their serious attitude, ethics and high quality performance.
We have a Special Account with a large network of trust, capable of producing large volumes which meet all international standards.
150 experts dedicated to purchasing
A company in the worldwide Top 20 in multi-specialist lines

100 million products manufactured per year

Products which challenge market leaders
French Design

We keep an eye on key Lifestyle trends as we understand and know families’ needs and wants. We are loyal to their expectations and correctly anticipate their behaviour and consumption. We offer them style, functionality and quality at the best price. “Style for everyone” is our recurring theme!</>

  • 30 people dedicated to Style & design
  • Integral re-branding of all products, packaging and merchandising
  • Our creations are voted on by Lifestyle influencers
  • 100% of trend sections (e-commerce / retail) refer to our products


Do you want to develop your range of eco-designed products?

We select suppliers on the basis of being able to offer products that have a minimal environmental impact, are made from natural materials, that are recyclable and reusable, all at an accessible price.

We make all our integrated expertise (sourcing and sustainable purchasing, regulation, marketing, packaging, merchandising) available to you to help in designing your exclusive and sustainable collections.

We can also offer you environmentally-friendly merchandising solutions that include environmentally-friendly communication allowing you to upgrade your commitment with your own shops’ customers.

CMP’s digital power to help your Business

We are encouraging the growth of our clients’ e-commerce thanks to a range of turn-key digital services.
We are innovating to adjust our product offering to match specific requirements from sales platforms and dropshipping: packaging designed for e-commerce flows, photo and video kits, products notes and descriptions, all of your marketing needs are ready to be used for all our product references.

CMP & YOU in digital mode

Let’s optimise your digital performance

Dropshipping by CMP

CMP Réa accessible 24/7

CMP & YOU in digital mode

  • View all of our catalogues easily on line
  • Enjoy virtual meetings and visits in our showrooms year-round
  • Find us at international on-line trade shows
  • Join our social networks to discover our news and follow our key events

Let’s optimise your digital performance

  • Discover our sales assistance Tools and our online communication support: photos, videos, PREMIUM quality GIFS
  • Take advantage of personalised e-commerce catalogue design services for your customers
  • Use our ready-to-go content creations to liven up your social networks

Dropshipping by CMP

The e-commerce logistics to serve B to B. Delivery directly to the consumer. Dropshipping allows you to sell CMP products on your ecommerce site without having to manage stock. You concentrate on the sale we will deliver to your clients for you!
  • Digital T/O increases x2 every year
  • Dispatching in 48hrs
  • 50% of our product offering is suitable for e-commerce

CMP Réa accessible 24/7

Boost your business with our top-performing digital platform: simple, pratical and effective. CMP Réa, is also a team available 5 days per week to answer your questions, give advice and train your teams in video conferencing.
  • Dispatching in 48hrs
  • + 7 000 product references
  • Express replenishment
  • Priority deliveries
“We are exploring all possible routes to become the e-business partner for our customers”
Director of Digital and E-commerce, Groupe CMP

Our international logistics platforms are centres of excellence and performance.

They are the armed wing of the 250 best purchasing centres which pass all of their orders to us. Our great capacity for volume linked with our high quality of service positions us as a key essential player in the market, including for Dropshipping.

  • More than 100,000 M2 of stock storage
  • A delivery time of less than 5 days
  • Service rate above 98%
  • 80 000 colis / semaine expédiés et tracés en temps réel dans 75 pays
  • 1 SupplyTech centre in Amblainville
The dropper: our E-Logistics Performance and Excellence Centre
Situated in Amblainville, in the Oise region, the 15 000 m² building will allow us to guarantee logistics and dropshipping of top companies in their business sector.
4 000 m² will be dedicated to the incubation of tens of startups each year which will be assisted by expert consultants and supported by unsecured loans.

The Dropper is a previously unseen concept for: bringing together new entrepreneurs, building tomorrow’s economy, increasing the level of training amongst young people in solid activity sectors and promoting their employment.

Commitments and certifications

The retail market has never been as complex and regulated as now. Every year we bring millions of safe, quality products to the market, guaranteed by very rigorous control methods: a proof of our undertaking, of our respect for consumers and client confidence. Our legal system checks daily that the importing and sales of our products do not pose any risk to any future third parties’ rights.
  • Customs Approval OEA – LADT
  • 50 staff members dedicated to quality
  • Expert member of standards commission AFNOR UF 34 and S51C
  • Standards commission AFNOR S51C Toys since 2013
  • Standards commissions UF108 and UF61 since 2016 (audio and video electrical equipment and small domestic appliances)
  • Office for Standards for Wood and Furniture (BNBA), integrated in FCBA, delegated by AFNOR