For more than 60 years, CMP has been a major
import-export and product development player

Managed by Yves TIRMAN, the business, created in 1957, employs 350 colleagues, of which 300 are in France and 50 in Asia. 
The head office and exhibition spaces are located at the Carré des Aviateurs, Le Blanc-Mesnil (93) and cover an area of 4,500m². CMP has an operational branch/subsidiary in Barcelona, Hong Kong and a quality control office in Ningbo (China).

Its logistics platforms with ultra-modern equipment are located in Amblainville (60) and cover more than 60,000 m².

Activities & Missions

A solution to the crisis

Selling more than 100 million items per year, or put another way, 380,000 products per day, CMP positions itself as a major player in household equipment and personal items in France.
We offer a rich and diverse line of products, comprising 7,000 items spread over 15 brands.
What is special about these products lines?
Products combining attractive prices, demanding standards for quality and safety.



Customising creator

Every year we design on average 2500 original useful products, with exclusive design, packaging and graphic identity.
Under Custom-Made Design, we offer our clients our knowledge to be able to bring their creative projects to life: brand identity, product design, packaging, display, POS advertising and ready to go merchandising are all available.

We have an
international presence!

With the ambition of becoming the Daft Punk of the import-export world, we have made our French savoir-faire known to the world. Supported by our ability to innovate and our differentiating positioning, we have won over our European neighbours and crossed oceans. 

Spain, Poland, Italy, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Colombia, Greece, Morocco, Russia, Israel, Canada, and Dubaï are among the 75 countries where the CMP Paris Group has a presence.

We have several operational and commercial branches/subsidiaries in Barcelona, Hong Kong, Ningbo and Canton.

CMP in a few figures!

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ZI Le Carré des Aviateurs

157 avenue Charles Floquet

93150 Le Blanc-Mesnil


          📞   +33 1 42 78 13 36

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